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My Achievements
ACHIEVEMENTS Participated won second prize in Quiz competition in college level Participated in Nation level IT events workshops Awarded with first prize in school level and college level exams Participated in IT-Quiz held at State Level IT Students Meet organized by Genises Club Of Alluri Institute of management sciences, Warangal. Submitted paper on lsquoWiMaxrsquo for Regional Student Convention held at Guru nanak institutes, Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad. Always stood Top in the College or school till now. I had the JKC training at SRBGNR College at Khammam PERSONAL SKILLS Comprehensive problem solving abilities, Excellent Verbal and Written Communication skills, ability to deal with people diplomatically, Willingness to learn new things Ability to learn quickly. Self starter and Quick learner. Flexible with work hours. Team facilitator, hard worker. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Event organizer in school and college annual functions and other technical events Participated in various outdoor and indoor sports like caroms, and Kho-Kho competitions at college level and won second prize in both. Was a Placement co-ordinator in College Was elected as the Group leader in School INTERESTS Dancing, Watching movies, listening to Music, surfing net, and cooking

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