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The feature that I mostly amazed in youth4work is:
It provides a source to student for a better carrier. It also introduces students to various companies and show their talent. Mainly it also display our talent in the form of ranks in comparison with all the sectors. It displays the rank in college wise , city wise , world wise etc.This is the best feature that I would like to say.It also gives a chance to increase their percentage by again attending to the test.This improves a student talent and gains much interest to attempt the test again and again. It also provides a discussion forum to solve the doubts that was requested by the students. It is cost free and hence providing the students more knowledge.It assures a correct timing for a question so that the student is excited to answer the question within the given time. This increases the student memory power.The design of the profile building is in a perfect manner without any confusion.This also ask us for feedback to increase their guidance.Even the students can give the complete answer after the test is completed.Blogs are very good way to connect with individuals. This feature is supported by the youth4work.
The best feature that I interested is:
Arranging the talent in this way is awesome.

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