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Domestic Waste Management
The current problems that are boiling across India includes Waste Management that has become talking issues or initiative for some citizens. Till date people are facing the lack of management being followed by the Municipalities. The concept of segregation of waste at the basic level is still not being considered an option. Our basics are not right then how do we expect the further areas down the drain to be perfect. The most horrible thing that we come across is when we find the municipal bins that lie along the roadside are always overfilled with a certain amount of wastes lying around the bin. Every morning instead of fresh air we are welcomed by the foul smell that arises from these bins that are seldom cleared off their wastes. Shifting our focus towards the transportation of waste from the residential area to the recycle site is also one odd problem that has been overlooked by the organization dealing with waste management. The Trucks or Lorries that carry these wastes are neither of the best types that we have in our country nor are they properly maintained. Looking into this point we find that the loopholes can be easily filled with proper Trucks being deployed. It means that the trucks that we are using nowadays carry the wastes either overfilled or they are not completely sealed while they are being carried to the recycle site. A best option can be used by making use of trucks that has different compartments to hold dry and wet waste and also completely seals it off from the atmosphere. It is to be noted that domestic waste in our country is well managed but not properly managed. Some loopholes are present but with proper management everything can be brought in order.

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