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Say no to Racism
When God, The Almighty, created this world he never differentiated amongst his followers. So how can the humans down on earth be so rude that they want to create a line and divide themselves Even today itrsquos shocking to hear that people are still abused under racism. Every human on this earth has come out through his motherrsquos womb. Is it the mistake of that baby who was born in a Hindu, Sikh, Christian or Muslim family Is it the mistake of that baby that he was born in black family Then why do people abuse others of not being according to themselves. Every individual has a right to live for his life without being oppressed under someone. Across the globe, there are instances where people have been abused because of their color, caste and greed even till date. Fresh examples can be cited from the disciplined game of Football where Luis Suarez and John Terry were accused of passing racial comments to their fellow players. In India the rural class has always been the target of racism. With honor killings being the nations rage sometime back, it was really very disheartening to hear such news. Passing comments just because he does not belong to their caste or color just for fun is regular in colleges and offices. These are some bitter truths that are still prevailing and until these are not stopped, people will be targeted. We donrsquot need to educate people to stop racism, it should be self initiated. Anyways United Nations has put down all possibilities to curb racism but the main question still ponders lsquoIs it being followedrsquo

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