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Superstitions A mystery
Superstitions sounds crazy for some while others worship it. Believing in superstitions is an individual lookout. It is neither a myth nor a boon, itrsquos just a belief that you may follow or not. In any part of the globe it is intended to find people who are superstitious in one way or other. So what are superstitions actually Is it something weird or something that is acceptable in society Finding a correct answer for this is impossible. Citing examples from Indian history, it is believed that a black cat crossing your way will bring bad luck. There are some who believe that a crow shit can bring good luck if it falls on an individual. These are couple of examples from the many that people still believe in any corner of the world. Focusing further, even celebrities stand to believe in some or the other kind of superstitions so that they bring success in their career. Some structures are build in such a way that itrsquos should never stand as a curse for people residing or working in it. These examples may sound funny but they might be having some historical relations that people of yesteryears might have cited that is still being followed by people till date, after all we follow what was taught to us since childhood. Altering your name, placing of furniture in purposeful way, etc are some examples that is beyond humans imagination and even science does not have an answer to such beliefs. Going deeper into this will only confuse men. Itrsquos better to keep superstitions background as a mystery and follow what we learn from life and not what we are taught.

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