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India runs on the power of people and is very well proved when it is mentioned that it is a country, lsquoBy, for of the Peoplersquo. Similarly, it goes out for Youth4Work as this organization is purely youth managed and youth focused. The power of future lies with the youth of today and this organization has fuelled the youth to initiate and build a better tomorrow. When Mr. Rachit Jain had setup Y4W, he had a planned action set in his mind for benefitting the youth of today and this was only possible if it was also duly managed by the youth. Remarkably, the youngsters are very proud to be part of this organization and their keenness can be noticed by the number of youth managing and participating in the projects that are published in Y4W. Itrsquos an unbiased and non-profit organization which is reaching out to youths to the corners of country and benefitting them in various means. Young minds spark fresh knowledge and intelligent thinking and Y4W has picked up this positive fact on a serious note because it is noticed with the all time high energy level among the members of this organization. Y4W instills a great opportunity for the youths to make something bigger and better by allowing them to mange and participate at the same time and thus proving that it is lsquoBy, for of the Youthrsquo.

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