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Working and earning at doorstep cant get simpler with Y4W coming in picture for the youths who are interested in looking for an alternative jobs or just trying to indulge into something creative which can challenge their power of talent. The current scenario is such that youths of today are not satisfied with their earnings and at the same time fresh graduates are afraid to land a perfect job for themselves. Considering the prior point and other relevant points also, it is noticed that Y4W is reaching out to youths and solving their problems indirectly by getting the projects done and in turn rewarding them with benefits. Many companies are following Y4W so are the youths, and because of this it becomes simpler for the youths to get in touch with the companies, post their resume, complete the respective project and prove themselves to the companies about their capabilities to perform. There are few companies who post their projects on Y4W website, which are completed by interested member and this leads them to find a person who can perfectly fit as per their requirements. Even if some job requirement pops up for a company, they donrsquot hesitate to post it in their profile which becomes simpler for interested person to apply for that job. In simple words Y4W connects youth to the companies and companies to the youth by benefitting equally on either side.

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