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Resume is the only medium that a person can describe himself on paper. Sitting for an interview with resume is believed to be conventional, but if the resume carries enough weight to impress the interviewer then the possibility of getting selected rises. Youth4Work is a branded organization and indirectly it has made a place to fit in a resume of any individual being a member of it. Sounds confusing but few points will clear my words that I have to express. Whenever a participant participates in a project published in Y4W, he does it either out of interest or to earn through it. Every prequalifying and final round in projects has some benefits to be rewarded. These benefits does include token of appreciation in the form of cash, certificate, internship, etc. which is pretty good to motivate the person who has participated in the projects and qualified successfully. Cash are liquid assets and their importance might not count while filling ones resume but certificates and internship from Y4W are very important to be included in resume. Especially the fresh graduates can benefit from this and it also holds importance for individuals trying to find another job. Any positive co-curricular activities are an added boost to the resume and being a part of Y4W is an added asset which could increase the power of resume while presenting it to the interviewer.

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