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A candle spreads its light in all direction irrespective of its location. This was a very old saying which holds a very deep meaning for all the citizens of earth. For humans it deals with knowledge, if you have it then share it because such assets are priceless and held by a handful on this planet as compared to the current population. Youth4Work is a great forum where every member gets a chance to share his or her part of knowledge by putting down their researches on the website or by writing down articles which brings out the actual intelligence of an editor. Education, knowledge, etc. can only be spread by some medium, here institutions to be exact. But, it happens that some knowledgersquos can only be done by publishing it where many peoples socialize. Y4W stands a great opportunity for those interested members to share their part of knowledge with the other people by allowing them to publish their researches and knowledge. By sharing itrsquos always heard that happiness is brought in for those who were in really need of it whether aware or unaware. Today Google is the ultimate answer to the millions of unanswered questions. Similarly, Y4W is an ultimate library of knowledge for all those people who are interested in gaining it.

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