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Janaharsha Group Reviews Reasons Why NRIs Should Invest In Hyderabad
As stated by Janaharsha Group reviews, the size of the real estate industry in Hyderabad is growing at a pace of 35 per cent, since the last few years. The major developments in the city (almost 85 per cent) comprise of, residential & commercial space, hotels, shopping malls, educational institutions and hospitals.
This stupendous growth is mainly attributed to the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), including setting up of advanced technology consulting, software programming houses and tech-support centers. To the eye, Hyderabad is an ideal place to invest in the country, even as the government has started focusing on developing adequate infrastructure in the city. The Janaharsha Group reviews three major reasons why NRIs should invest in Hyderabad:
Hyderabad get Apple Inc
Recently, Apple Inc has officially announced the establishment of their first technology development centre and back-end operations in Hyderabad. After exploring different corners of the country and juxtaposing the location-advantages of various cities, Apple Inc finally chose Hyderabad. Apple’s empire will be built on 2, 50,000 square feet of land, in Hyderabad’s IT corridor.
Another add-on for NRI investors would be Sundar Pichai’s (Google CEO) statement, in which he said, “Google plans to set up South Asia’s biggest campus and its only facility outside the US in Hyderabad in the near future.”
Urban rejuvenation of the city through metro project
It is one of the world’s greatest Public-Private Partnership Projects (PPP) in the metro sector, which will span across 72 km. The project will offer city-wide connectivity, reduce air and noise pollution, cut traffic congestion, generate jobs, increase employment rate and various other economic activities. It is scheduled to be run by December 2017.
Hyderabad will soon be home to world-famous Disneyland
The news of global amusement giant ‘Disneyland’ opening its theme park in the city is doing rounds for quite some time now. If everything falls in place, Hyderabad would join the league of Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Hopefully, the kids get to meet their favorite Disney character soon.
This is just a preview and with things progressing at this pace, NRIs can easily secure their hard-earned money by making real estate investments in Hyderabad.

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