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Solid Works, CATIA
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It is dream come true for me, Designing aeroplane and making it in 3D model. It was quite challenging as compared to my other projects. First we selected Raster image of Aerolane which we were going to Design. By using WCS command we brought 3 different Raster image into single point as per Top view, front view and side view. After perfect positioning of all 3 views we started drawing using Sketch command. Simultaneously we drew sketch in all 3 views and sketch should be proportional in all 3 views. Aeroplane complete made by using Surface commands like Sweep, Swept, N side Surfaces. Every single part of plane made by Surface command only. Windows and Driver's mirror were made by using TRIM SHEET command. Turbine blades were also made by using TRIM SHEET only. Lateron by using Keyshot i rendered 3D model as per my requirement. It took around 8 hours to complete design from sketching to Render image. Due to this i had quite good hands on experience on Surface Commands.
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