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VKC CodeBuilder- HTML5 and JavaScript Real-time online simulator
VKC CodeBuilder is an HTML5 and JavaScript Real-time code simulator which can simulate any webpage as soon as some code is fed into it. This simulator is available online at https://vkccodebuilder.neocities.org.'>https://vkccodebuilder.neocities.org.

This program can help a learner who is beginning with web development with HTML5, JS AND CSS. The simulator gives real-time results for a given code and hence it makes work faster and helps in gaining experience and visualization. The simulator can auto-detect and control error and also has auto-save system which can save all the given data automatically to secure it during the time of system sudden shutdown or crash.

Please visit https://vkccodebuilder.neocities.org to test it out. I am still working on it and it took around 2.5 years to develop it.
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