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Vladimir Putin - An incessant Hope
Posted on 15 May 2014. Link -http// The growing unrest in Ukraine and the latest coup of its Pro Russian President, Viktor Yanukovych has enthralled Media and the West. USA and the EU have excoriated Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, for being the linchpin for this turmoil. This war-like situation rampant in Ukraine was further fuelled by the Crimean Issue FYI - Crimea was a part of Russia but later it disintegrated from Russia and came under the influence of Ukraine. Russia took over Crimea legitimately according to Russia on 22ndMarch 2014. The reason that has caused insomnia to most of the West Presidents is not mere annexation of Crimean land by Russia but that that how did Russia landed his army in Crimea just in a night, beneath their noses Western powers have rebuffed this takeover of Crimea but now it seems they have subsided and have found new ways of imposing restrictions. Let us retrospect days of 1991, when Russia dissolved. Russia felt severe crisis such as food scarcity, plummeted gold reserves, and unexpected rise in debts. Besides this Anti Russian protests had begun since 1985 to have ademocratizedenvironment. During those days of unrest, President MikhailGorbachev drove reprimand by allowing division of Russia. Now at this stage Russia, once a super Power, lost its unity and had to yield. It lost support from many developing nations which later had to deal with the wrath of another superpower giant USA. Soon Mr. Gorbachev was ousted. Following the Foot Steps Gorbachev was followed by Boris Yeltsin who further tried to soothe the catastrophe. But the game changer was Vladimir Putin. Under his Presidential Rule, Russiarsquos economy not onlystabilizedbut grew. Hebrought many reforms to structure Russia. Under his guidance Russia focused on energy and it again rose to Super Power. The problems of unemployment, food scarcity, poverty and other social issues were rare. Mr. Putinfocusedon the security of his subjects and gathered all his power to buildthe most sophisticated technology for artillery and military paraphernalia. Most of the countries including India now use the quothand-me-downquot artillery of Russia. People were more than just satiated under his rule. Putin was admired for his brinkmanship and soon took over many hearts. After gust of many years we see the big powers back again facing each other. It was not Russia but Vladimir Putin. His decision to ensconce Edward Snowden, who was convicted for sharing most classified intelligence of US securities to media, was exemplary of his dauntlessness. My Views Right now in my mind, I picture, Mr. Putin an admirable icon, I look up to him as a seamless leader who caught the rope before the ship would drown, and also for his brilliant Machiavellian tactics. I wish Mr. Putin were Indian He would have challenged the one who took away our brave soldierrsquos heads than just resorting to settlement. Under his manoeuvre we would not have relinquished North-east corner of Kashmir and never let it be named Aksai chin. India has prolific resources but it is abstained from its appropriate use. Mr. Putin would have used resources not only meticulously but also used it as an upper hand to dominate other nations. He would have definitely taught a good lesson to those depraved officials and then there would be no blemish of, as complex as labyrinth, scams and scandals. Education, poverty, security would not have been far-fetched. The talents lying within the nation would not languish but would perish. He might dare to poke his nose in the most controversy swathed discussion that is ldquoreservationrdquo. He would understand and trigger establishment of egalitarian right to study, job and other govt facilities. The number of mishaps ruining lives of women and abetting constant fear in them would be fewer. Children would run across streets and fields without a tad phobia of being abducted. Idolize for Change But to our rotten fate, we lack such a leader who is driven by austerity. One who would rise above gluttony of vote bank and do what is right for the people. One who could dodge communal preferences and take secularism into account. India is a democratic country. What happens if a leader like Mr. Putin comes to India What impact it will have What would be the aftermath of such a leadership in India and most importantly will the demos of India accept a leadership like his Will they vote for him Perhaps, we can find myriad of opinions. Let us start with the narrowest of opinions. In this voters try toinquireabout the candidate39s religion. They weigh it against their own caste or religion and look over for if he wouldprefer their caste or religion over others. The second category is marked by chauvinism. These chauvinistic people never relinquish their sycophancy. They have yielded their power to judge and are driven by ideas of a particular political party Mr. Putin is definitely not their choice. The third category consists of voters who have immense desire to work for country and charade to be patriotic but donrsquot even step out to access suffrage. For them, I would say that better stop grumbling about national problems The fourth category is a clique which believes that development lies in equality, awareness and a modern thinking but traditionally sorted. They are above chauvinism. They step forward in the development of nation with alacrity and with sheer generosity, they donrsquot brag about their contribution. They welcome a leader like Mr. Putin who is dire to save national respect. To bring Russia back to its original shape was not facile but Mr. Putin by his outright decision making power and a firm dedication for his people sifted the best out of Russia. He may be dogmatic but his meticulous and calculated planning strategies are something Indian leaders should learn and absorb. For the fourth category of voters, as mentioned above, the present examples of leaderships are banal and we look forward to some fresh and perhaps more eccentric leadership. This kind of leadership would draw copious criticism but will mark beginning of new thinking almost a new era in Indian history. I donrsquot know what repercussions Russia is going to face after Mr. Putin has gathered so many foes but when I foresee India under his leadership I see a lost golden bird flying back.

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