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Kashmir Kashmir.... With all its glory Surpassing the earth, heaven and the nether regions With its mountains Some sheathed with soil Abundance of maple and pine Some that speak of stone And stone alone Some smeared in snow All waiting to embrace To be embraced I find myself in the midst Of Sand, snow , Rock and dust Around me , above me Beneath me and besides me I carry all of these A very mountain in me Or I am the mountain It is heaven Which is no place for the living But I wish for death Right in the lap of heaven A sense of absolution This is how immortality tastes I wonder why the Gods forsook this place Abandoned or sacrificed It speaks of a story Suspended across time and space Reverberating through the air The slight chills that I feel Every breath I take The wind whipping past me Playing with tufts of my hair The mountains lend their beauty To the females Beauty So sublime and supreme The colors draw their ink from them Beauty Which no tongue can explain No picture can express Invokes awe and admiration The men endowed with humility and aggression As rigid as the ice As fluid as water The kids are in perpetual motion Standing by the river bed, running along the dirt tracks, tending to the horses Are reminiscent of my childhood The one I never had The one I wish I had The people Brimmed with infantile curiosity Greet one and all With their silent acknowledgment of the strangers presence Every street is filled with the ringing sound of the hooves of the steeds A comforting music to the weary ears of the traveller Companions of the weather beaten veterans to the kids of budding youth They belong to the people As much as the people belong to them The woods - sheer in abundance Second only to infinity The leaves adorn the entire land Which sparkle more than silver and glitter more than gold The gardens - speak of the celestial romance that conspired amongst the Gods and humans alike Rivers, streams, ponds and lakes All spring from a single Entity In shades and hues perceivable and invisible Greeting everyone that meets in her path The Gods, humans, beasts , rocks and stones Providing divinity to the Gods, solace to mankind, life to the beasts, sheen to the rocks and shelter to the stones The shikara- the gods boat As its oar glides through the water sprinkling diamonds At places that are Discreet and nondescript The sight of the soldier His bare eyes roving the place Makes me feel home away from home Kahawa - the brew Of a golden brown hue From which springs The aroma of all things seen , felt and lived And those left undiscovered Breath turning to steam Streams of smoke Emanating from the words Hanging in the chilly air Flowing with the gutsy wind All of this carries the essence of someone Someone that I have left behind Someone whom I belong to Kashmir and its unbridled glory I carry it in my heart In my arms When I wrap you in them In my lips When I place them upon yours

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