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Let us start with the discussion of Ipsita Roy Chakraverti's novel, BELOVED WITCH. It is one of the most unconventional and intriguing books that I have ever read. This book compels the readers to undertake a metaphorical journey into the land of Wiccan rituals and practices. Witchcraft had always been associated with negativity and black powers. Overturning all expectations, this book establishes 'witchcraft' as an art which can be used to heal and addresses the various issues faced by a woman. In a very dexterous manner, the author traces the origin of 'witchcraft'. Elaborating about the various atrocities and tortures inflicted on women, the author presents her own interpretation of Wiccan ideals.

This book is an autobiographical rendition of Chakraverti's own introduction and journey into the world of Wicca. In a very meticulous manner, she traces her development into a learned woman and 'Beloved' witch.

Chakraverti had declared herself a witch in 1986, which drew flak from the then CPM leader of West Bengal, 'Jyoti Basu'. Unfazed by any kind of accusation, she came out to be an unflinching and determined woman who endeavored to curb the stigma attached to witchcraft.

Chakraverti also strives to smash the patriarchal ideals through her statement,

Have you ever wondered why witches are shown as riding atop brooms? It is because a broom symbolises hearth and home to which a woman was tied by male domination. As she 'flew' away on it, it meant that she was breaking the bonds. It symbolized her freedom .

Thus, it can be said that through her book she tries to dismantle the taboos and prejudiced beliefs.

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