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Dussehra A day to be celebrated everyday Ram resides in us Ravan resides in us We need to awake the good We need to kill the evil and we should Ram makes us feel kind And let our goodness come out of the bind Ram assures us of our happiness By spreading joy and cleaning up the mess Spread by the Ravan surviving in us Ram shows the path to us To kill the devil And let good quench the thirst of eveil Ram is me Truth begins from me I make the world gay And hav lead everyone to a way But to prove myself I needed to challenge through my own self Iam the soul power So no one can ever be higher So I gave birth to ravan Making good and bad encapsulated in one Ravan though tried to empower And made me a bit slower Anger,jealousy,betrayal,grim ,lie took over I was first the bower for him But when it began to make my shimmer dim It was time to kill it It was tym to show him a bit That who is the superpower And who is the fatherhellip. Dat is the tym when we follow the rite And understand life at one sight I,Ram destroyed my evil son Ravan And dussehra was the name given to it by everyone hellip God can never be killed I am immortal Ram still exists here Everyday Ram wins over Ravan in everyone of us Let us pledge today that on dis dussehra too Ram will win Let us pledge Dat we will choose kindness Dat we will kick jealousy and anger on their ass That we will destroy Ravan with the arrow of Love ,strength,humbleness,humanity,altruism, Generosity,self-abnegation and gallantry And let our voice set the evil rest in peace and pure fire And make everyday a dussehra A day of victory of good over devilhelliphellip.

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