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Good morning, Good evening, Good night i dont know at what time you will read this thats why i wished u all things select right one for you and ignored others. By reading the tittle you will feel that is emotional blog but its not its my own journy. Some of you will its similare like your journy, so lets begin the story. 2 years ago when i fail In CPT CA entrance exam the whole day i feel bad not mainly because of this failure but its because none of my friend give me encourage to do again and cracke the exam. But that time only my family specially my Mother Holdin g biggest dgree in world HOUSEWIFE gave me support and encouragement to work again and crack the exam... Every day i wake at 4am to study with me My MOM also wake. even though she dont know the single word of english she take my revision by just hidding the answer from me. My mom did lots of for me because of that i clear my CPT. After giving exam i told my friend that this time if ICAI decide to keep the result 20 also i will stand at that 20 passing student. This only beacuse my MOM39s faith on me and my and her effort........ I lOVE U MOM

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