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Integrated Solar PV thermal system
Integrated system of solar energy which traps the dissipated heat of Solar PV module. This phenomenon is followed by the fundamental principle of conduction & convection. Solar panels and solar quality mirrors are incorporated in this system as they play a key factor in providing a renewable source of energy on contrary to non – renewable or AC source supplies. The panel converts light into electrical energy and with the help of focusing mirrors at particular angle, panels get a much amount of light to produce the heat more efficiently. Insulated black coated copper pipe is used as riser tube inside the cavity beneath solar module which due to conduction and convection captures dissipated heat and transfer it to the flowing liquid inside it. By this we are using the solar module as a heat generating device also. Low temperature liquid flowing inside our riser tube is playing a key role to maintain the temperature of the module. By the help this apparatus we can generate power not only by solar PV but also can capture the dissipated heat of the solar module and can use it for further useful purposes.

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