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Distance learning is a very convenient process to enhance ones knowledge. The basic objective of this mode is to impart knowledge to an individual as per his own wish and convenience. An individual need not follow a fix schedule to update his knowledge because this process of leaning gives one the liberty to learn without attending any class or any institution. A person can carry on his learning process even by sitting at home. Moreover, the advent of internet and various other applications related to internet has made it further easy for people to avail the opportunity of distance learning. In other words it has made the process of learning very simple. Thus, it has turned out to be one of the most preferred and popular mode of learning especially among the working professionals. However, the entire credit of making such a unique concept a grand success goes to some of the reputed universities across the nation, without whose contributions the concept would have lost its practical significance. To name a few, Indira Gandhi National Open University IGNOU, Netaji Subhas Open University NSOU, Sikkim Manipal University SMU, Karnataka Sate Open University KSOU, Mahatma Gandhi University MGU, etc, are some of them who have made this concept come alive. A huge number of people across the nation are enrolled in these universities and inspite of their busy life schedules are being able to pursue their education. To conclude with, although the system is dynamic and widely accepted yet it suffers certain drawbacks such as- X At times students take it too casually since they are not answerable to any institution or mentor. X At times students are financially exploited by the institutes who levy extra charges to earn more profit. X Many a times it is found that the employers prefer candidates with regular learning curriculum rather than distance learning mode. Thus, this method is often under rated. X It leaves students with few selected option of courses. Thus, it is always advisable that an individual should analyse the pros and cons before enrolling in a distance learning programme to obtain the best possible results for himself.

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