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Women-- as seen by the Indian society even in the 21st century
In this era of 21st century, we refuse to agree, that, we live in a male dominated society-- however rights we females may get. At the end of the day, it is the male counterpart of every household, who are the ultimate decision makers .I am not being a strict feminist here, when I say this, but, as a human, I think, even the males would agree to my point, which I am going to reveal in the following paragraphs. Who hasnt heard the name of Malala today She has become an international idol for many girls and women ,who have the urge to study, but, cannot proceed because of their male-dominated family system .There are many girls even in this metropolitan city- Kolkata, where I have interviewed many young, married girls, who really wanted to achieve their dreams, but have been forced to get married and run a family. Now, I put a question for all the readers here-- Did God create women just for the sake of serving and satisfying their husbands and having babies I think, for most of you, the answer would be a big NO. Then why on earth is this happening Here on one hand, we call that our world is globalizing day by day, and on the other hand, the Talibans and many other sections of the society have made their own rules, of not letting their female counterpart to prosper. Why will only the males have the right to education, right to knowledge and right to everything Dont the girls stand a chance to it Several bizarre taboos have been held up against the women in many other parts of the world. Speaking of India only, its true, we have got a whole lot of rules and laws that protect women of our country. But, again its the same rules and laws, that are not strict enough to be followed by each and every citizen. In many cases, it is seen that, even the police doesnt take necessary action to it. If the makers of the rules and laws are the breaker of those, then how can we protect the women of our country I felt the need ,the urge of writing this petition, with the hope, that, each and every citizen should take an active part in this particular issue and take it seriously to promote the idea of removing the insane orders thrown on the females in many parts of our country, and even if it is happening in your family, or among your known people, please do raise a voice against it. I hope, if everybody is against the idea, at least, we can help to establish our motive and help the girls out there, crying for help. Its not a petition, only for education, its a petition, for raising voice against the odds done to women till date and hoping for a better future, by taking steps in this present time. It would be very nice and encouraging to find, if mainly youngsters sign this petition, especially, if there are male voices supporting my view. We always hope for a better India, so, why not start now If the 15-year old Malala Youfzai could bear the pain just by raising a voice for a positive cause, all by alone, it would be shameful for us, if we do nothing to carry on her brave deed.

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