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Abirlal Mukhopadhyay,international artist and writter,well known as RNI(The Rednova of India). Is the owner of 'Rednova India pvt'. (Contect details): {{(mail): *abirlal55@ * rednovaindia@ *rednovahelp@ (twitter): }} (Biography): Abirlal born at 'Shyampur',in the district 'Bankura' of WB in 21th Aug,2000 in a very poor family. (Education): Abirlal got his education from 'Shyampur High School' and passed higher secondary from there.A weakness in art used to make him restless in everytime.So he went to 'Kolkata College of visual arts and craft' to learn Art.He completed B.fa from there. (Early Life): (Early profession): (Exhibitions): (Notable Works): (Awards): {{Notable Creations}} *Rednova India ltd. 1. [[The Rednova News]] 2. [[Rednova Art Academy]] 3. [[The Rednova Art Gallery]] *BlueStake Rude Studio(BSR studio) {{To know more about Abirlal Mukhopadhyay visit wikipedia | google now. Search there as "Artist Abirlal" and follow the results.}}

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