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Battleground (Placement Process)
Itrsquos the battleground, the companies comingto the campus are the point of target where420 cadets compete to accomplished thefollowing target, no margin of error as thereare whole other battalion members are readyto reinforce you soon , itrsquos the time to executeall your training at once , cadet are so goodtrained as it would be the problem of plentyfor the recruiters . companies coming to thebase camp to start the process withpresentation The Placement Cell CorporateResource Centre CRC of NDIM continuouslyworks around the year to help its students getthe best possible corporate exposure. The CRCacts as an interface between the students and the industry. An impressive array ofcompanies from International National Level comes to NDIM each year forinterviewing and selecting students for Permanent placements as well as NDIM has performed consistently when it comes to placements, in spite of the ongoing severemarket recession and economic slowdown. Over the years, there has been a manifold increase in therange and quality of companies willing to offer .Final Placement and Summer trainingopportunities to NDIM students. This has resultedin students being offered better job profiles as wellas higher remunerations.

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