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Festival or Fashion statement Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Since the past 10 days I was wondering how is the song Chikni Chameli closely related to Ganesh Chaturthi Where the lives of millions are spent in darkness, I saw a huge display of money, and power through generators and music vans with each van carrying the Ganesha idol. At the cost of devotion what I saw on the streets was a subtle display of an unaware society being run and controlled in the hands of a handful few. Imagine you are in love, and you have to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend. Hence to express your affection you lit the entire world, and make the most noise, so that even your neighbors feel proud of your love. And, if that falls short you might call thousand other men to dance on Bollywood themes to celebrate his/her existence. How would you feel if you were in his/ her place If you ask me, I would run away from Mumbai. And, if the entire Mumbai was dancing, and burning crackers in front of me I would have had no other option, but to take refuge in the Arabian Sea, where neither lightning nor music would disturb me. It rained the night after He left. May be the Arabian Sea might have fell short of water to consume the POP dumped into it. If you are also involved in this dumping business please take a step back, and know the reason for which you are doing, what you are doing. It is important because every decision you make affects the environment around you. Before independence, the Britishers would not allow Indians to meet or socialize together. Hence at that time we came up with this concept of 39visarjan39 so that in this people could meet each other and celebrate the festival in large processions. It has been 65 years since independence, and we still follow the same ritual. I feel every law or practice followed should change according to the time and land. The POP that you dump affects the aquatic habitat, and the flora and fauna. Your love and devotion for God is affecting the lives of the animals that are surviving on water. Eat a pinch of POP, and if you can digest that you are free to feed the fishes the same. Few years ago they came up with this concept of Eco-Ganpati. But, think about this, that when the quality of your food grains and vegetables is not assured, do you really believe that you are dumping eco- friendly Ganpati Even before buying an idol please get your facts checked. Another fact file is that in the last few weeks of the monsoon season the energy is so low that even the crops die. Due to lack of sunlight the crops beneath the earthrsquos surface becomes poisonous. The entire festival, the chantings, the puja, and HIS presence are meant to build by the energy, and erase the inertia bottled up within us. But, what does it actually do Have you observed yourself on the 11th day Instead of feeling rejuvenated you feel very tired and lethargic. Every festival has a much deeper meaning than dancing and singing, I feel you will agree with me on this. When you discover the truth behind every festival, the other mundane rituals would look so plain and boring to you. Hence, when you meditate you will get a glimpse of the real prayer and devotion. Well tomorrow is a new day, and Navratri is on the doors Diwali will follow by, you can begin your research on festivals from now. Donrsquot go to Google, your grandparents or someone who would answer all your whys will be your best source. All the waste created by humans is also following the law of gravity. We donrsquot transfer it into some other space or planet. God did not create extra space for waste, we must know that. Plant more trees, keep the smile, stay Happy.

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