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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of generating traffic from the free, natural search results. There are two major parts of SEO namely crawling and indexing. SEO ranks the website and improves traffic with the help of unique and quality content and keywords.
Off-page SEO techniques
Search engines give weight age to the back link strength of the domain. Having back links from good relevant websites with good domain authority helps a brand achieve better search engine rankings. IT also helps a brand reach to its targeted customers on other platforms. Following list gives us the idea about techniques for off page
Forums: Users get a platform to speak and discuss with other members and experts, and hence get an expert opinion regarding various topics. Getting involved in forum discussions helps to build your reputation as someone who is an expert in the matter and increase traffic on your website.
Blogging: Blogs are one of the best ways to promote your website online. By posting on blogs, you give a reason for visitors to visit your website frequently. The more you keep your blogs updated, the more search engines to crawls your blog, it also helps in providing links to various WebPages related to your brand services/products.
Local Listing: Local Listing is an online area-specific listing that contains the basic contact information of the business, for example, JUSTDIAL. You may be a website promoting local business, therefore instead of going global and increasing competition, list your website locally so that search engines can search your website easily.
Guest posting: is the practice of contributing a post to another person’s blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links. It is a good technique of link building from relevant domain authoritative websites.
Directories: though people believe directory submissions are an old concept and not used any more, it is purely based on how efficiently we are selecting those directories and choose the category of submission.
On Page SEO Techniques
On Page SEO is also one of the techniques used get rank your website on search engine. Following are some techniques of On-Page SEO
Page Title
It is a very important SEO factors on your site. Each page and post should have its own unique title and it should include the primary keyword of your page.
Meta Description
Meta description is a short description about your webpage that include your primary keywords and brief information about your product. Meta description is very important to get rank your website. Its length should be 300 characters.
Meta Tags
It is a set of keywords for each page of your website. These keywords should be relevant to your content. There are 4 Meta tags namely Meta description, Meta robots, Meta keywords, Meta title.
URL Structure
There is a recommended URL structure for your search engine to get fast crawling. Shorter URLs seem to perform better in search engine results, though it is not the only factor. When your URL includes targeted keywords, it performs better and crawls faster.
Body Tags
There are four main types of body tags available namely H1, H2, H3, H4 etc. Generally H1 tags are recommended for your main page title, with subsequent headings being issued H2, H3, etc. this will be useful for your search engines to know the important topics in your content. These tags are used by many crawlers to differentiate important content.
Keyword Density
It is a percentage of keyword appeared in your contentment as compared to total number of words on your webpage. The ideal keyword density should be 2 to 3%.
Image SEO
Use of images in your content makes your site more appealing and breaks up boring paragraphs of text. These images are helpful to improve your on Page SEO score. You can also use alt tags and description for images to get better results.

Internet Linking
Internet linking to your website is a greater way of improving your website. It makes easier for your visitors to navigate around your site and find useful content. Internet links also helps to build relevancy of page to relevant keyword and phrases. Content links and permanent navigation links are main methods to improve your internet linking.

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