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Core Java, C Plus Plus, Advance Java
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FAQ's in IT Industry Interview's
I have faced around 5-6 interviews. So i thought of sharing my experience with everyone out there. Hence I am writing this blog. This is the first time i m doing this, so this blog might not look as professional as others. Still i hope it will be helpful. Firstly 1.Know your Resume / CV. What have you written in it. -gtProjects undertaken by you. -gtInterests -gtFavourite Subjects -gtSkills , etc. 2.All the technicl question39s asked ,will be totally based on what you have written in your CV. 3.For an example , if you have specified Java Programming as one of your skills ,then the most common and easy question to check your basic conceptual understanding are - -gtWhat is Object Oriented Programming -gtDifference between an Class and a Structure -gtWhat exactly is an object -gtWhat is Inheritance ,Polymorphism -gtWhat are Interfaces ,Abstract classes ,etc. 4.It is important that you atleast give the answers to the above questions correctly,as these are the most basic concepts that a java programmer should know. or your chances of getting selected would be decreased substantially. 5.Next,they will ask you questions purely based on your projects. This is where you require the in-depth knowledge and are perfectly aware of - -gtall the main concepts you have used -gtLogic of the program -gtFunctionality So ,i suggest you to briefly take a look at the source code of your program. As it is natural to forget some details. 6.Even if you have not worked on any of the project level programs,Don39t worryIt is just an advantage over others and act as an add-on during your training in the company39s as you have a brief idea about how you are going to develop applications You just keep your basic concepts totally clear ,that would be enough. 7.Don39t worry if you cannot answer all the questions asked. As nobody is perfect or proficient as a fresher. That comes with experience. 8.Try to keep the communication with the interviewr continuous.Dont break aur halt/choke for several seconds. If you don39t know anything just simply tell them that you don39t know or you are not completely aware about the asked topic. It39s nothing to be shamed about. 9.Try to keep the end or last impression as effective as possible ,because that is what they will remember about the following interview ,most instantly. Like , if they ask you quotDo you have any questionsquot then don39t reply with a NO thats what everybody else will do. Try asking them about the company and what will be the job in the company ,of the one39s who are hired. That is all. Most of what i can convey right now. This blog is just for an advice point of view. One should always do what his/her heart tells. So always do ,what YOU feel is right. Thank you for reading. Good luck.
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