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The Story of 2 species and their struggle to establish their dominion over the land Itrsquos nature way of saying ldquonothing is foreverrdquo all the species which has made its presence felt on the face of this planet has or will find itself on the verge of extinction and eventually will find itself in the recorded history. To give one such example let me take you to 3 million BC. A very unique yet ferociously dangerous species of bird is ruling the northern part of South America for almost 60 million years. It is around 3 meters tall, it canrsquot fly, but it preys on small animals with the help of their strong beak and ability to run fast. It was rightly called ldquothe terror birdrdquo There is no close analogue of terror bird among the modern day birds. In short they were undisputed king of South America and itrsquos hard to find how and why this unique yet ferocious species was wiped off from the face of this planet. Lets flash forward to 1 million BC. The world is going through ldquoice agerdquo. So the whole of North America is covered with a thick sheet of snow. That forced another unique and equally dangerous predator to make South America its home. This predator is 1 among 30 species of known cat species which existed during this time, and this predator is called ldquoSaber toothrdquo. As they say no 2 kings can rule the same land during the same time. Thus, the terror bird has to lose his dominion of nearly 60 million years with the arrival of saber tooth. Now there is even more ferocious animal present in the northern part of South America. As a result terror bird is left with no food to feed itself. This new development forced terror bird into extinction. Now it was saber tooth who is ruling this land with even more audacity. As they say ldquowhat goes around, comes aroundrdquo same thing happened with saber tooth what it did to terror bird. But this time there is no new species who wants to take over its dominion but itrsquos Mother Nature who decided itrsquos time for saber tooth to go. Flash forward to 10,000 BC the climate of the world has changed drastically. The place where it used to be thick forest has now become vacant ground. Saber tooth which specialized in surprising its prey by attacking from bush has now had to run after its prey, and invariably it fail to get its prey it wanted. This situation forced saber tooth into extinction. This is not an exception. There are many species like T- Rex, Besilosaurus, Argentinosaurus, etc which looked quite invincible and audacious during its dominion over the world now finds itself in the museums and history books. But among them there is one small creature which has seen them all and has survived till the present age is our housemate ldquocockroachrdquo.

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