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Once upon a time a small nation which always believed waging wars with other countries and making them their slaves suddenly decided to start a new form of bloodless war. Perhaps they were too bored of bloodshed. Itrsquos not that they never went to the actual war again and never soaked their hand in blood again, but the frequency of that reduced considerably. This war had its own rules and everything was not fair in this war. An army of not less or more then 11 should fight under one general. The place of the battle was always predetermined. For over 10 decades this war was fought within the country before other nation became enchanted by this form of war and started fighting with each other but still it was still reserved primarily for so called ldquocivilised white peoplerdquo. Well this story is not about the history of this form of war but about 4 warriors from an unlikely place who were destined to change the way it was fought. Almost 15 decades later one of the slave country full of ldquouncivilised brown peoplerdquo build their own army. 5 decades later they conquered the world with an army which was considered inferior. This incident was witnessed by 4 10 years old boys living in different parts of that country. 6 years later one of those kids joint the army as a young 16 years old boy. In his very 1st assignment he was facing some of the most brutal barbaric warlords of all time. He survived all odds and was talented enough to get a name for himself. For next 7 years he became the countryrsquos favourite hero and even his enemy respected him. But there was 1 problem he was so ominous that he became almost a one man army and the whole army dependent on him. But this was about to change. 7 years later 2 more warriors join the army and shared some of his burden. Everything was going fine when one day the army was put on trial on the charges of corruption and few of experience soldiers were asked to resign no one wanted to become general as the general would not only be responsible to build the army but also instil confidence among his people that the army is still capable defending their nation. 1 man took the responsibility of changing the fortune of this army he was the 1 among the 2 which joined the army together. He not only revived the army but announced to the world that yes we are poor, we donrsquot have enough barracks to train new recruit and we are genetically of inferior race but still we have courage to face you. Perhaps this kind of aggression was necessary to instil confidence in the army. He also showed a lot of confidence on new recruit. Later on, those new recruits were an integral part of the army which defeated the world again. 1 year after his appointment as the General of the Army a ruthless army came to their home soil after conquering all the forces of the world. They were looking invincible. But as they say miracles do happen, it happened in one of the holiest places on earth. 2 warriors some how brought an unlikely victory when everything seemed lost. That victory not only changed the way how the war was fought but also gave 2 more heroes to this nation. Together these 4 warriors conquered many territories and this army became very dangerous, a force to be afraid of. Until, the general was falsely accused of being selfish and was relieved from his responsibility. He was also asked to leave the army. But soon the army realised what mistake they did and recalled him. There were some more victorious to be achieved before one after the other started resigning from the army as they were no longer as ominous as they used to be in their hey days. Although 3 out of 4 are no longer with the army today, the nation will never forget their heroics and the whole world will continue to take inspiration for generations to come. P.S Although this story is a work of fiction is inspired by true incident.

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