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Project Brief : District Cooling Plant. York - Water Cooled chiller 2500 TR x 05 Nos.
Contractor : Drake and Scull.
DCP contains multistage centrifugal Chiller’s. HAMON make Induced draft cell type Cooling Towers for condenser side. KSB make Pumping units for both Chilled water system and Condenser water system along with side stream filtration units, makeup pumps and other accessories. The overall cooling capacity of mechanical refrigeration equipment is 10,000 TR. The chilled water at 4.4 Deg C is distributed through external buried piping network to various buildings and returns back to cooling plant at 13.3 Deg C. The same chilled water is recycled for continuous process. Internal cooling of the DCP plant is connected with heat exchanger along with AHU’s, FAHU and FCU’s. Further CHWS/R line is connected to Thermal Storage Tank which has a capacity of 15000TR/HR during emergency. Motor cooling system, Refrigerant leak detection system and Refrigerant recovery unit too are associated with this system for each chiller. The main header chilled water pipe (MS) dia. is 1200mm and the condenser water pipe (GRP) dia. is 750mm. Welding joints has been certified with radiography. Complete DCP and all ETS room of remote building is control by SCADA. Anchor, guide and normal supporting system is done by Stress analysis.
? Reviewing builders work drawings, shop drawing, schematic diagrams, composite drawings, method statements, check list, material submittals to finalize by evaluating technical and commercial comparison in compliance to specification, cost savings, services and quality requirements, Calculation of Pump head, ESP for AHU’s and ventilation fans, water volume, all handing over related documents such as as-built drawings, O and M manuals, etc for the approvals.
? Inspection and detailed monitoring of the project to carry out the installation, Pre commissioning, Balancing, Testing and Commissioning of DCP plant as per the approved shop drawings, method statement, along with manufacturer’s instructions and ensuring that all are meeting the project quality requirements.
? Attending Departmental, Hill International’s Core Team as well as Project meetings.

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