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There are several factors that affect the behaviour of employees at the workplace. Understanding the factors influencing the behaviour of the employees at the workplace will allow the employers to control the negative factors and increase the positive factors for the greater employee retention. In this article, we have pointed out seven major factors that affect employee behaviour in the workplace.

1. The compensation that they receive

It is a fact that almost all of us know that everyone works to achieve their monetary goals so that they are able to lead a financially independent life. So it is safe to say that large portion of an employee’s behaviour at workplace is affected by the salary she is receiving. So a person getting a salary that is adequate to fulfil his needs will work with more dedication than a person getting a lesser salary.

2. The work culture at the organization

Other important aspect in affecting employee work behaviour is the work culture. The work space should be a home away from home for the employees. They should feel comfortable and happy at their workplace in order to be positive and productive. A not so positive work culture negatively impacts the behaviour of the employees.

3. The relationship with their fellow workers

Employees do not work in isolation. They are constantly surrounded by their fellow employees. The relationship with their colleagues is also one of the most important factors in influencing their behaviour. If the employee has friendly relations with his colleagues he will be motivated to come to work and perform his tasks. Employees should be encouraged to talk to each other.

4. The leaves that they are allowed to take

No one can work every day without taking leaves. Employees should be given enough leaves so that they can take break from their work. The process of applying leaves should be made easy and they should also be allowed to take emergency leaves. Maternal leaves play an important role in retaining female employees.

5. The promotion and hike that they get

If the employees feel that they are not receiving the promotion and salary appreciation that they receive, they will become insecure about their job. An employee should not feel discriminated in terms of promotion and hike. They should not at any point feel that they are being taken for granted by the company. Proper promotions and hikes encourage and motivate employees to work harder towards achieving their goals.

6. Their personal life

Personal life of an employee has a great deal of influence on her workplace behaviour. If employees are having a happy phase at their home they are bound to behave positive at the workplace and if they are going through some problems in their personal life, they will be stuck to their personal issues rather than focussing on their work. In order to minimize the effects of personal life events the employer must try to empathize with them by giving them flexible working hours, work from home options, personal leaves, etc.

7. The behaviour of the bosses

If the employer is friendly in nature and supports her employees and acknowledge their work, the behaviour the employees towards the boss and in turn towards the company will be positive. This will also help in increasing their productivity. On the contrary, if the boss is always nagging, hard to please, taking credits for the work done by her employees and humiliating them, then the employees will feel out of the place and would not concentrate on doing their work properly.

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