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ldquoThere, right there, a chemistrsquos shoprdquo cried Sheena. I immediately applied breaks to the car and rushed out as fast as I could. ldquoUncle, ek ORS ka packet dena. Jaldirdquo I shouted. He took two minutes to find out the seemingly expired, half torn packet. I pulled out my wallet to pay him. Damn A thousand rupee note He looked puzzled. ldquoDonrsquot you have changerdquo I took out all the coins I had. They summed up to Rs.7. Still short of Rs.8. ldquoUncle, Irsquoll pay you next time, I promise. I have to go now, my sister is very sickrdquo I said in a weepy voice. ldquoNo, wait. Let me check if I can get some changerdquo, he said. He sent a small boy outside to ask for change from a nearby shop. I waited inside staring at the old, broken wall clock on the front wall. The door opened. My eyes lit up. But it wasnrsquot the little boy. It was a young man wearing a leather jacket. Almost of my age. He seemed familiar. Holy crap Thatrsquos him Thatrsquos him Hersquos her fianceacute I panicked. He looked at me. I tried to avoid eye contact. But he didnrsquot recognize me. How could he He had never seen me. ldquoEk contraceptive pillrdquo, he said with a smirk on his face. It felt like someone just threw a rock on my face. lsquoWhy did I have to hear thatrsquo I asked God. The door opened again. It was the little boy. Hersquod brought the change. I collected it and ran towards the car. I just couldnrsquot stand there anymore. ldquoWherersquos the water, bhaiyardquo asked Sheena in her weak voice. I completely forgot to buy water. I ran back. ldquoUncle, which is the nearest shop I can get mineral water fromrdquo I asked the chemist. ldquoThere is one in Sector 18. But thatrsquos about 15 minutes from here.rdquo ldquoNothing closer than thatrdquo I asked. ldquoNo betardquo, he replied. ldquoExcuse me, I have some water in my car. You can take thatrdquo, said the guy in the leather jacket. I agreed at once and we ran to his car. lsquoHe doesnrsquot know me. Hersquos just helping.rsquo I tried to explain it to my heart. lsquoI just hope shersquos not with him right now.rsquo We reached his car. Probably God was giving me a test. She was sitting on the passengerrsquos seat. I didnrsquot bend over so we couldnrsquot see each other. I stood next to the driverrsquos seat. He bent over, asked her to pass him the bottle of water. She searched everywhere but couldnrsquot find it. ldquoWait, therersquos one at the backrdquo, she said. She got out of the car and went to the backdoor and brought out the bottle. It wasnrsquot her. lsquoOh my God, thatrsquos not Ananyarsquo I took a breath of relief. She removed the cap and passed it to him. ldquoOh no, honey. He wants to take the entire bottle. Give me the cap.rdquo, he told her. ldquoOh I thought he wants a sip. Then let me just swallow the pill and then wersquoll give him the bottle.rdquo lsquoHoly crap That pill is for her Then what about Ananya Did they break up Or is he cheating on herrsquo I felt devastated. I thanked them and ran towards my car. ldquoHere, Sheena. Mix the solution in the water and drink as much as you can. Yoursquoll feel better.rdquo A tear trickled down my cheek. Of course, Sheena had to see that. She kept the bottle on the side and held my hand. She asked me ldquoWhatrsquos wrong, bhaiya Therersquos no need to worry, Irsquoll be finerdquo. ldquoItrsquos not you. Ananyarsquos fianceacute is cheating on herrdquo, I said. I could tell she was angry that I wasnrsquot worried about her. But she preferred to skip it this time. I explained what just happened to her. ldquoSo, why does that bother you You should be happy. After all that she did to you, I should rather say, she deserved itrdquo, she said. I couldnrsquot stop thinking about how Ananya would feel when she finds out. Or whether she would ever find out. My sob turned into a loud cry, and tears started coming down in a steady stream. Sheena removed her seat belt and turned toward me. She wiped my tears but that didnrsquot help. New ones came the very next second. She hugged me and I hugged her back. I held on to her tightly. She kept patting my back. ldquoI feel sad. I feel devastated.rdquo I said after about two minutes. ldquoBut why, bhaiya Whyrdquo she asked me. I had no answer to that. Maybe because it was too simple, it was love. True love.

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