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Operating System Linux, Firewall, SAP Basis
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SAP Upgrade & Support Project.
Data Migration through Batch Data Communication BDC in LEGACY SYSTEM WORKBENCH SYSTEM-LSMW in SAP. Creating assigning new page format by T-CodeSPAD to the printer. Release/Importing Transport request TR manually in PRD Server. User Management in SAP-Types of Users. SAP Router Certification Renewal process. Profile Management Maintenance. Importing SAP Profiles from OS level to SAP. SAP-IDES Installation with Windows MaxDB. SAP-IDES Installation with LinuxSUSE Linux Enterprise Server-10 SP-3 Oracle-10g. Restrict users for Printing. SAP-Role Administration Authorization. Implementation of Operation Mode in DEV PRD server of SAP. System Profile/Default Profile/Instance profile Maintenance. Client Copy-Local Client Copy/Remote Client Copy.

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