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Possessing a rare combination of being smart, confident and analytical, MsSingh has a great inclination towards research. Previously associated with Randstad and TransWeb Global Inc., she was involved in aleadership role of training and recruiting the employees of the company. Having a diverse area of interest, she is involved in multi-dimensional role which includes handling entire HR Department with Operational competencies in ITES industry in managerial capacity for 4 years and was responsible for handling employee relations, career planning, growth and development and training functions.. Given her multi-dimensional role, she is also a key player in the campus recruitment process at the company. As for academic record, Ms Singh has done her BAEconomics hons degree from the prestigious Banasthali University, followed by her master39s from Banasthali University. Her area of specialization is Human Resource Management and labour welfare. She has been conferred by the coveted UGC- LS twice June 2012 and December 2012. The lady39s leadership and teamwork abilities have helped her gain deep knowledge and vast experience inthe field of academics as well as employment.

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