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yCampus Interviews
At Youth4work we have been always striving to get the best solutions to Colleges, one such product is yCampus Interviews which was brought into picture after 6 months of research. The idea was simple, make a product which uses our own platform and on the other hand helps the student bag their preferred job. The challenge We could not do Campus Drives since most of the corporate associated with us are SMEs, but what we could do is to get the students to the corporate office for interviews. Problem Solved yCampus Interviews works in a very simple process - Final year students use our assessments, we get the ranking of students based on the performances. - These ranks are shared with the companies for a particular job - The college TPO is notified about the job and asked to shortlist interested candidates Higher Rank to Lower Rank - Shortlisted candidates are either called for Personal Interviews or Skype Interviews are conducted. Following are the results from the past 3 months See Cover Picture
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