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Academic administration
The academic institutions of higher learning are beset with a problem of academic administration apathy in general. They have a target for outcome based education but is not matched with the capacity to deliver for the want of goof quality students with the minimum capacity to understand. Further in the heat of learning even the prime responsibility to motivate the student is lost and system of education works on remedial measures. It is very difficult to locate the joy of learning. Faculty is not trained to be a teacher, as to how to begin a class, continue and end it? How to have class control? What types of activity can be conducted in class and how many ways student’s groups can be formed and what governs them? In short, teacher is not equipped to read student mind. As most of the time teacher get into the profession much early in life having little life experience to narrate, this is expected. So most of them become hard task master and training begins rather an education. In the light of this strength, observation, concern, weakness and deficiency is marked for the accreditation. Is this called as academic administration?

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