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Bollywood and People's Choice
Bollywood , otherwise known as Hindi- language film industry is the worldrsquos largest with around a thousand movies produced annually.Movies that are cinematic creations featuring the languages, peoples and customs of northern India.The diversity of Hindi creations is directly proportional to the audience it caters to. Bollywood boasts a variety of options be it the dramas, comedies and musicals .Songs and dances, love interest , comedy and death defying stunts in short a melodramatic plot all intertwined in a three hour long extravaganza.Such movies are often referred to as lsquoMasala moviesrsquo, though locally. Like masala , these movies have everything. However , today the trend of meaningful cinema has made a strong stand.Movies are dealing with various social issues and have garnered a special place for their wonderful handling of society related themes and emotions of people.As a result, social issues oriented movies are educative and informative ,filling the void that the so-called lsquomasala movies rsquo have created. However, what people cherishes the most keep us guessing.Do they prefer melodramatic and soppy movies over one that are aimed at their welfare or is it the other way round We tried to quench our thirst for answers to the aforementioned questions in order to grasp a idea of what kind of bollywood movies do people really like. Ineresting and direct the questions may sound , the answers on the contrary reflects the diversity of our people and yes,of their choices alike. ldquoWe just love masala movies rdquo, says Aanchal , Simmi and Parul together.Aanchal in particular cited Cocktail as one of the recent movies she is looking forward to watch.On being enquired if masala movies are their ultimate refuge from the routine workload, they retorted,rdquoNo,they arenrsquot.We have no reason to enjoy masala movies.We grew up watching them and anticipate new releases.rdquo Rinky , on the other hand enjoys both masala and social movies.rdquoTo be honest,I donrsquot feel the need to make choices when it comes to movies. Whether itrsquos the social issues or the dance and songs , I appreciate them equally.Movies are produced in abundance in India and we are spoilt for choicerdquo, quips Rinky, a DU graduate. However , People do have choices and Meena can vouch for that.A nurse by profession , she responded to our question as to what kind of movies she like to watch with Paarivaarik ldquo I love movies that are family centric ,focus on moral values and exude prosperityrdquo. People like her seemed to be very content with what they really look for when it comes to movies. Same goes for Stuti,a fashion designer by profession who only likes movies aimed at social issues.rdquoAm bored with the masala movies. All I look forward to are creative stories and conceptsrdquo,she added.On being enquired as to why she like them , she explained that movies that are inspirational and motivating are a must watch for her.rdquoThere are many movies today that encompasses grave issues. At the same time , I feel that one should make movie on Satyamev Jayate, a popular Indian Television talk show, as well.The episodes are inspiring enough to be re discussed in movies altogetherrdquo,she suggested further. However , Prakash an auto driver by profession has no time to be choosy about movies.rdquoI leave home early morning and return by ten or so which hardly give me time to catch up on some movies.I watch whatever that comes on t.v. for half an hour or so rdquo, says he stoically. Before we could arrange the varied choices of equally varied audience and draw some inferences , we met Ayan and Roshini , students who were all perky to discuss their likes and dislikes.rdquoWe only like movies based on social issuesrdquo, answered the two together. ldquoSalman Khanrsquos movies for instance are very silly rdquo,explained Roshini as to why she avoid lsquomasala lsquo movies. The two claimed that they like any movie that has a unique concept and offers creative stories.Ayan also likes movies that are funny , satirical and inspiritational .rdquoMovies like three idiots for instance rdquo, added the two with mutual consent. Mr. Gyan , however has an altogether different take when it comes to movies.rdquoOh I only watch comedy movies. One must laugh and stay happy as much as possible.Hence I prefer comedy movies over any other. It takes me away from my daily problems even for few hours.rdquo On being enquired as to what are his favourite movies , he cited Hera pheri and bheja fry as his favourite movies. Movies are an inseparable part of our life and the response of people to their choices speaks of their awareness , their ability to select the movies that they want to extract time for.Its the budding awareness among the masses that is palpable in the way Bollywood is metamorphosing. According to Motion Pictures Assosciation of America Data, in 2002 Bollywood produced 1013 movies , tickets sold being 3.6 billion,average cost per film 1.5 million dollars and average marketing cost per film 5,00,000 dollars. That desire to adapt with the changing scenario makes movies a powerful part of the nationrsquos psyche and an unparalleled medium for spreading awareness aimed at its welfare. .

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