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IoT(Internet of Things) and The Changing Scenario
IoTTHE REIMAGINATIVE FORCE IoTInternet of Things is the technique of transfering data over a network without human-human, human-computer interaction. The term IoT was coined by Kevin Ashton. First time the term was mentioned in Magzines like The Guardian,American. The IoT is exploding.Its made up of millions of quotsmartquot devices from Miniscule Chips--mammoth machines that uses wireless technology to talk to each other. ldquothe Internet of Things is about values and fundamental democratic choices on the future of our society.rdquo However, with every great advancement, comes the need to protect and ensure that the utilities for a safer and efficient world donrsquot turn into a catalyst for chaos and disorder. With so many people being connected to the IoT devices, it has become increasingly important to ensure that the hackers and other rogue communities are not able to exploit these utilities or harm the end users. With the constant connectivity of the devices to the internet, right from using home automation solutions to the smart automotive factory solutions, the threat of data breaching and compromising of machines has risen. If not through the laptops or mobiles, hackers may end up using components of home appliances, factory machines etc. to hack into our systems and steal vital passwords and confidential information.
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