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Consider the following:-

*We have 100 billion galaxies each containing 200 billion stars and their solar systems in the observable sky. But there is only one small, tiny & lonely known habitable planet that we call "The Earth".

* The modern life style which demands excessive use of hydrocarbon generated energy constitute for 65% of green house gases which are heating up the whole planet and destroying it slowly but surely.

* An average non vegetarian meal produces 50 times more Carbon emissions then a vegetarian one. The red meat industry accounts for 16% of total green house gases.

Consider the effects:-

* The average temperature of planet earth is rising & continuously going up as did never before. We will reach at one degree rise mark by 2020-25 which is PNR(Point of NO Return).

* Once we reach PNP it won't be possible to return to normal condition no matter what we do.

* Our grand kids will have to bear the curse with out any fault on their own and those of us who remain till then will have nothing to repent upon.

What do we need to do:-

* Saving even a single drop of fuel matters.

* Recycling and reusing every waste matters.

* Adopting a single veg diet matters.

#Think about it as it's no more a science fiction or a myth. Global warming is real & happening right now.

So reduce, recycle, conserve, adapt and educate people for the future of our kids and generations after them!

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