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As an experienced accounting and finance professional, I have had the opportunity to work with reputed organizations in Saudi Arabia and Egypt and contribute to achieving their objectives by using my skills and competence. My strengths in financial planning and analysis, accounts, budgeting, and knowledge of GAAP and accounting norms and procedures have proved to be an important factor in my career success. I have completed Bachelor’s degree in English Commerce, CMA Part 1 and most recently I have completed an extensive Financial Diploma covering various topics in accounting and finance. I am keen on obtaining a senior position in accounting with your firm.

In my present assignment as Accountant with Dulb Contracting, Saudi Arabia, I oversee sales orders processing, participate in budget preparation and budgetary control, analyse financial statements and monitored financial performance. Liaising with banks and availing services at low costs is a key function that I perform. Additionally I ensure all GAAP norms are adhered to in accounting and finance work. Earlier as Accounts Receivables Executive at Horas Hyundai Services, Egypt, I ensured that clients complied with the credit policy of the company. During my association with El Hussein International Corporation for Paper, Egypt as Sales & Warehouse Coordinator, I assisted the Sales Manager in implementing sales strategies and plans. At the company warehouse, I ensured all dispatches were in time so that market demand was met, and coordinated incoming and outgoing shipments efficiently. Previously I worked with Egyptian Group for Accounting & Auditing Office as Trainee Accountant, where I was primarily responsible for accounting data entry, journal preparation, ledger postings, and preparation of financial statements. I have also worked with Giza Cable Industries as Administration Assistant.

During my career, I have trained and motivated junior colleagues that made a positive impact on their job performance. I am articulate and can explain complex matters in simple terms. The attached CV will provide you with information about my career and professional background. Kindly call me to arrange an interview. Thank you.

Sincere regards,

Alaa Aly Amin Azab Salhien
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