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This project proposes a new meta-heuristic method for optimal sizing of distributed generator (DG). The objective of this project is to reduce power losses and to improve voltage profile of the radial distribution network by placing multiple distributed generators at optimal locations. Analytical expressions are used in solving this problem for setting up of DG. In this study, Crow Search Algorithm (CSA) is used for optimal sizing of distributed generators (DG). CSA is a meta-heuristic algorithm inspired by the intelligent behavior of the crows. Crows stores their excess food in different locations and memorizes those locations to retrieve it when it is needed. They follow each other to do thievery to obtain better food source. This analysis is tested on IEEE 33 bus and IEEE 69 bus under MATLAB environment and the results are compared with the results of Improved analytical (IA) method and identified that percentage loss reduction in crow search algorithm is more thanthe percentage loss reduction in improved analytical method.
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