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Hi Mr. Amadou, Greetings of the day If you are at the stage of RFI Request for Information or EOI Expression of Interest then please take care for followings 1Cover letter introducing our self and our company, 2A contact persons for the vendor to contact with questions and clarifications, 3Short description of the part or service, 4Request for product/service and company brochures, 5Vendor screening criteria questions see below, 6Deadline for the vendor to respond 7 Do you have a local delivery service for same-day orders 8What is your market capitalization 9Please provide at least five references that we can talk to directly. 10Do you have electronic ordering processing 11What percentage of your raw material originates from within India and Outside India 12What time is your Technical Service Department available IST, US Eastern Time Zone But if you are at RFP Request for Proposal or RFQ Request for quote then consider the followings 1Submission Details Due date, place, to whom, how, what documents 2Introduction and Executive Summary why this 3Business Overview Background 4Detailed Specifications Technical specifications, SOW, RAM, Drawings, Compliance, etc. 5Assumptions Constraints 6Terms and Conditions General and Commercial terms 7Selection Criteria Evaluation process Regards, A.K.SAHA

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