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Hi all friends, Greetings I have gone through the series of comments and enjoyed the same. I noticed that several comments have lost the focus from original question--What is the difference between Purchase Order and Contract As per my experience and Practice , I hope every one will agree that as per contract Law- any agreement enforceable by law is known as CONTRACT. Now let us think about the situation for releasing of PO Purchase order. There are two major situation for releasing the PO. First Situation, when our requirement is only for one time and there is very less chance for repeating the same. The PO issued in this situation can be termed as Standalone PO which is based on enquiry and proposal submitted by supplier/ vendor it becomes an Agreement and once the standalone PO is accepted by Supplier/ vendor then this STANDALONE PO also becomes CONTRACT. Second Situation, When PO is issued based on verbal enquiry and Verbal Proposal and if again such PO is accepted by Proposer then again it becomes CONTRACT. Third Situation, the PO is issued based some contractual documents Long term / Short term Purchase Agreements, or any other documents which has been duly signed by Purchaser and Supplier in advance and there is no conflicting terms and conditions in issued PO then this PO is also CONTRACT. Apart from above any DOCUMENT which has been signed based on enquiry, Proposal and Lawful Consideration by two legal entities within framework of various applicable/ governing law and with free consent then this DOCUMENT is termed as CONTRACT. I hope at least fundamental difference in PO and contract is clear, but there are several other factors by which we can continue the discussions. Several Purchase order issued by Government Organisation is with detailed terms and conditions covering several clauses as in CONTRACT, but this also needs acceptance by Supplier/ Vendor to qualify as CONTRACT even though all clauses of contracts are covered in PO. Regards, A.K.SAHA

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