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This may sound funny that in this era of advanced technology where on one hand people are trying to get more and more connected to the technologically and bring new advancement in the technology every second, minute, hour or day here by this blog contradicts this thing by highlighting some negate points for techno lovers about the drawbacks of this technology. It is a common saying that hundred good deeds done by a person is being ruined by his one bad or wrong deed that one bad thing can make that person bad for lifetime similar is the case with technology although it carries many advantages and I am sure people arent even interested to know the disadvantages, but still here are some points I am sure you are aware of not of their serious impact Dependence The most important and first drawback is its dependence or can say addiction, every person whether a school going children, an adult, an office going person, a vendor or any damn person on this earth is highly addicted on the phones or other such mediums from daily news, entertainment, food, life, shopping or what else we can say, but there is constant and huge dependence of every person on the phones, landlines, social networks apart from what is actually required. It is not bad to use them, as it is good to be technologically advanced the things should be used in their limit in terms of need and obligation. Health The health is being exploited by using of such technology. The Health disaster, it is a big trauma caused to your health you cannot even think how intently it affects the users health. There is not one, but many the smart phone stress that is being caused due to the constant usage of device making your eyes feeling heavy hence leading to the serious anxiety, stress, headache and sometimes insomnia. The harmful radiations being reflected by the device directly enter the persons eyes and brain causing them serious harm, thousand of bacterias get deposited to the device causing acne, allergies and sickness. Hearing loss and the weak eyes are the most important health issues caused due to the device. This technology also reduces the life expectancy and the ratio of life as compared to ancient times. Danger to Human Society This new and modernised technique aids the increasing and endless wars. The criminal and other such people are making the use of technology for their own selfish motive by discovering the terrible weapons dangerous for humanity. Some futile person use it for the rumours, fake identity on social sites and mispresenting themselves on the dating, chat rooms and other such sites. Cyberbullying is the most common practice these days, account hacking, privacy issues on social medias of sharing the information. Isolation It is quite ironical, but very true while people are more busy getting connected to the new people, busy making new friends relations some are getting more isolated then ever making leat human face-to-face interaction than ever. Peopel are always busy in interacting with the people through chat rooms, messaging, texts, forums or nay other means having no time for the one in community and the near ones. The real and actually interaction are diminishing every passing second from the life of people all in some world of this so-called technology making some very busy and others so isolated and lonely. Hence the society is getting more and more individualized and losing their desire to be with the groups, people, relatives and family. This technology driven devices have made the life of people so indispensable creating a sarcasm for the people that the people who are far away are getting nearer day by day and the near ones getting lost somewhere with this technology leaving them solitary replacing the old way of interaction among people. People are losing both the ability and desire to be around the people becoming more idiomatic and this technology is endangering not only the human creatures, but all the living creatures in the world. Thusit is boon to humanity, but also a blessing in disguise.

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