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I believe, as humans, we are all too familiar with the term 'second chance'. It is our way of comforting and consoling ourselves. When something goes wrong or not as intended, we assume that we'll be given a second chance to make things right. No, we demand for one. Why not? We are led on to believe it is possible then why can't I have a chance to rewrite my story? The second time around everything will make sense. The second time around I will get what I deserve. Everything is a lot better the second time around.

Is it??

Life is all about choices. The choices we make builds the path we have to follow throughout the course of our life. We make these choices without having the faintest idea about how things would turnout or what the future beholds. And it is possible that the very choice we made is the reason why our world has turned upside down. When things don't go as we planned, regret kicks in and all we can hope for is a chance to make things right.

The optimist in us stops us from seeing the basic truth- there are no do-overs. There is no way that we can turn back the clock of time. It's done. We live with regret and remorse. It is often believed that regret is a mode of self-correction. But in reality, living with regret means spending a more time with "if only.." , "what would've happened if.." , "I should've..." than with "what can I .." . We start doubting ourselves, getting more and more anxious and depressed. We dwell in the past. Mentally, we would have rewritten the scene a million times with the ideal ending. What we should be doing instead is living our lives. Making the best of what we can. In simpler words, move on.

The first step to moving on is accepting that we undoubtedly did the best we could, made the best choice we could at that time. Soon we realise that even though changing the past is beyond our powers, moulding our future in our desired ways is in our hands. So the next step that we take should be to do so. And this is our second chance. This how we rewrite the path our life is taking. So the truth is, a second chance means making the best of what we've got rather than complaining or fretting about what is lost.

"There's still time to change the road that you're on" - Led Zeppelin, Stairway To Heaven

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