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Our dimensions of understanding are limited to the five senses of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. The world is a construction of our perception and physics is limited knowledge based on physical senses. In short Whatever Idea we believe in becomes our reality. Whether GOD exists and that HE created us and the world around Yes, HE did. For he lives within us. Our biology is a power house. The Brain in itself is Divine Manifestation. For example, if 99.99 of an atom is free space why do solids exist. Because we Believe it to be so. So as explanation we have the atomic attraction which is stronger in solids than in liquid or gas. Yet if our belief were to be trained time space or matter would hold no reality. Another way to put it is with the example of an ant. If one were to play with it. Obstructing its path, lifting it, crushing it...the ant has no conception that we as Humans an entity is playing with it.. all that matters for it is surviving this external environment i.e. us. So what about US The development of our brains and conceptual understandings of nature has helped us to exploit natural resources the a great extent. Now the survival clock is ticking like a time bomb because we sense that our social order has actually chaos written all over it and surviving is becoming tougher by the day.. thanks the the evil of profiteering. There is an evil design in us that makes is happy when others in our race are writhing in agony. This has brought decline in those that live upon others labors, why because, our biology survives in times of stress and duress.. necessity is the mother of invention, more so survival is the mother of invention. Our brains evolved because we needed to survive. GOD was created for the same purpose. Feeling HIS presence is in our minds. It is at a higher level of understanding. Miracles do happen, diseases vanish, hot deserts feel pleasant valleys and cold arctic feels like home... its all in the mind. Those who will constantly endeavor to rise above common perceptions will survive.... What is Darwins Theory of Evolution Charles Darwins theory of evolution and natural selection isnt an idea with holes. Its one of the most solid theories in science. But what exactly is it WWW.LIVESCIENCE.COM

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