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We are not that one whatever we define or thing about ourself on the contrary we are that one which doesn't need to define by word(say introduction), looks, attitude, habits e.t.c. Whatever we call ourself is just a temporary not permanent, and the real things be always permanent. Means our introduction, looks, attitude, fear, habits all that are not real.
So question is, from where these things came inside us? The answer might be quite sated if I say as answer, we just Aquired these things to define our status in society. This is makeup. These are not our original nature.
Our original nature are peace, bliss, wisdom and self-disciplined.
In simple words we are not a body even not a brain, we are something beyond it. We are powerful, peaceful, blissful and full of wisdom. To understand these things very well way, it is a suggestion to go through higher level texts called UPANISHAD, VEDANTHA, & and HAVE A GLANCE AT EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, ETHICS AND THOUGHTS OF SWAMI VEVEKANAND, SHRI ARVINDO GOSH & MAHATMA GHANDHI. And first try to understand not reply.

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