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Today's business world is changing so dramatically . Those who were earlier were doing first class work ( USA , EUROPE ) are craving for the jobs & those (INDIA & CHINA)who were uncertain about their future due to some hard conditions like poverty , population , corruption are growing at N-x speed . So what should we think that power is loosing from the develop nations to the developing & under -developing nations .
If we see the latest scenarios , Mr. PRESIDENT of US Donald Trump is too much worried about the unemployment inside the US . So they are putting ban on the their homestate companies to don't give employment to outsiders as well as don't outsource the work . May be from his perspective this will be a good thing but they are also creating the competition to themselves .
It's time of the smirk for those countries whom population is quietly dependent for the nations, certain regions and continents like America , Middle East . But i think it's a good opportunity among themselves because it will help to rethink the policies which is responsible for the generating the employment in those nations. Their talent will remain to themselves and will emerge as a tough competition to the nations and regions like US & EUROPE . There are some other factors which support the factor that upcoming three decades are totally rely on the ASIA pacific region includes young population, increasing literacy and human health index , cheap labour .
Huge population comes with huge demand which is good for the business . It will emerge new opportunities. It will be not surprising thing in 2030-40 if you can say that INDIA or CHINA leading the global .


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