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Technology: A boon or Disaster
Heard about terms like ldquoData thiefrdquo, ldquoGoogle doodlerdquo, ldquoNext Iphonerdquo, ldquoKiller robotsrdquo etc. Technology has been given such creepy names. We must have heard about technologies that would change the world, technologies that will develop feelings in robots, technologies that would predict the right future etc., but we are lacking somewhere, it is not the whole and sole thing on Earth that has to be followed. Work force and employment is declining because technology has its say in todayrsquos world. Future is unpredictable, still scientists assure us of this, because they are deeply involved in technology. To produce variety of goods and services, we use technology and make processes to develop something useful that is cost-effective and timesaving as well. Although technology is running way beyond humans, but it is being designed and operated by humans only. When humans invented that they have a surplus of natural resources, they developed and manufactured such tools that could give a fruitful result. Telephone, internet, printing press, weapons, are all an outcome of technology, that either help grow, or ruin the society in one or the other way. There could be too many effects of technology, as it has given us power, on the contrary, it has taken away our powers. Although, technology is one thing on our planet which has given too many ways to increase our economy. There could be no limits for humans, but technology has limits as well. Machines can work until they are being serviced properly and regularly, but we humans have been given education and values that are not yet shared with technology, otherwise people could be found sitting at homes and robots would have gone to work for them. The present or past cannot be changed with the help of technology, but still people promise to change the future. How is it possible Technology has been progressive since past few years, but it has led humans to become more incapable and sluggish. Since past few years, technology has become more proficient but human productivity has declined. This is the effect of tech-savvy human race. We focus on usability, utility and safety in terms of technology, but these are inversely proportional to the hard work done by humans. We work when we lack sources, but become lazy when we have technology at one click, and even forget our basic strengths to work. In practicality, it is the technology that has given us many powers, but if we think about it in a vague condition, it has lead the humans to become careless and idle, with a very low energetic level and enthusiasm to work. I would suggest, if machine work lessens and manual work by human increases, then that will be a positive step towards a healthy and stable country.

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