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In the 21st century, where almost all the countries are suffering the wrath of recession, India and China are the two countries which still stand strong as far as their economic growth is concerned. Where the rest of the world is trying hard to rejuvenate their down trending economical graph, making policies, reforms to bring back their economies on the right track, China and India are looking for further opportunities to expand their growth by more margin. In other words China has taken the world by surprise, by posing as a Superpower in rising while India following next. India39s relationship with china dates back to hundreds and thousands of years, with Chinese travelers like Hiuen Tsang and Fa Hien visiting India and then slowly began the cultural exchanges between two countries...but that was a relationship of past. The post-independence India and China relationship has lots of ups and downs in it. Both countries share sweet-bitter relationship whether it is in business, values, and education or border issues. The very first official mark of a budding relationship was visible in Panchsheel where slogans of brotherhood were raised quot Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai quot, but then the glitches followed immediately and the brotherly spirit was soon suppressed in 1962, seen as the biggest betrayal by any country to India. But then it is well said that quot we can choose partners but we can39t choose neighbors quot. On one hand there is high level peace talks happening between the two countries, business proposals are being signed on a high priority basis and on the other hand there is a constant intrusion of Chinese forces on Indian Territory, making a mockery of these talks and meetings. While China may be considered over ambitious in this regard, but the fact remains that it is one of the largest business and trading partners with India. Both the countries have almost equal dependency on each other in terms of business, from China39s perspective may be a little less. But finally it is left on India to decide the role of China, of a friend or a foe.

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