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Complete about 15 Projects in Eastern Railway as Business Head in Maa Anandamoyee the projects include Construction of Platform ,Pipeline for Washable Appron,Central Drainage System under Sealdah Division Eastern Railway ,Drinking Water System Installation for RITES Ltd. Massive Transportation of Railway materials in Sealdah Division all over West Bengal, Furniture Painting Works in Howrah Division. Developed Business Tie up with some of the Professional Collages individual registration of Students through counselling for Infocus Technologies Pvt Ltd. Maintaining major accounts like Garden Reach Ship Builders,Balmer Lawrie.Major Private organizations Got converted E-Procurement services of PSU Garden Reach Ship Builders Engineers Ltd, 2 nos Reverse Auction from Balmer Lawrie Co Ltd,Got RFQ from Haldia Petrochemicals.Initiated sending proposal to Himadri Chemicals ,Bharat NewRefractories,SRMB,Jindal Steel for Synise Technologies Ltd.

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