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Some make their presence worthwhile, others roam around aimlessly confused in life. Pivoting at the fingertips of our masters waiting to stop, just to be spun into mayhem again. We come in different types, shapes and size
My ball bearings can’t take it anymore, the monotonous way of spinning gets to them. Sometimes, my friends and I spin for fun, other days we have time for none. Our masters control us .
We come in all shapes and size, with many abilities of our own. Some of us glow, some of us sparkle , some of us glitter , some of us sparkle but in the end we all are the same , fidgety engineers with a degree for a name.
Waiting eagerly to be purchased at the big stores and city lanes, with negotiators wanting a good bargain. Our masters test us , with their tight grip making us do trick in their hand. Some are kids, some are men but they are all our future masters in the end. Hey there! Blue didn’t get a job. Whaattt! Didn’t he intern with the best master last year. He was their best amateur spinner they said. ‘’Hey! You all ‘’ , I said don’t be sad , five years down the line all this spinning will just be a fad. We will never look back at these sad days, all that matters is the memories I have with you guys spinning together.

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